I had a successful practice in Yorkshire for over 10 years before moving to Lover.  The following are testimonials from my lovely Yorkshire patients as well as more recent ones from the Downton/New Forest area. All from their own perspective and with a variety of health issues.  I hope that these will give you an idea of what to expect when you see me.

"I found Susie Parkinson of Downton Acupuncture to be very professional in her approach to my health problems. I can also say that Susie has a welcoming kindness about her which made me feel at ease from the very first visit. I am also pleased to say that I soon felt the benefit of the wide range of Acupuncture services offered by Susie and I have no hesitation in recommending Downton Acupuncture to others. "

Maurice, Downton

"I started having treatment from Susie five months ago after developing acute sciatica, requiring large doses of opioids for pain relief. Chiropractic and physiotherapy had been of no help - in fact the reverse, as these treatments aggravated my condition and caused considerable pain. Susie's approach is exceptionally caring and patient-centred. She took a very extensive initial history, including any peripheral events that might have contributed to the development of the sciatica over a period of time, and this is ongoing with any new factors arising. She was confident in her experience of treating similar cases, and indeed my weekly treatments have enormously improved the condition. Susie's range of different treatment options is very helpful according to need on different occasions. I also find her very skilled and gentle in the use of the acupuncture needles, which I was concerned about before starting treatment, having not had acupuncture before. I feel very fortunate to have found Susie when I needed to! “

V.C. Hants

"I have been having acupuncture from Susie for around 2 years now to treat chronic pain, fatigue, depression and anxiety. On initially meeting Susie, I felt at ease and she took time getting a detailed history from me. This meant she could get a good idea of what I would find beneficial and what I wanted to gain from my appointments. Having started out with weekly appointments, I now go fortnightly or every 3 weeks. At the beginning of each appointment, Susie is keen to hear how you got on after your last treatment and what you would like her to focus on there and then.This ensures her approach is client-focused. Susie is always professional, polite, caring and very welcoming. “

J.N. Salisbury

"I was recommended to Susie by my art teacher at first I was like most people a little sceptical. After one session the results could be felt and Susie's professionalism mixed with a sense of humour for me and many others is a perfect combination. I have no hesitation in recommending Susie. 

Mrs C.P. Downton

"Three comfortable sessions and my very painful knee was restored to normality. A great relief!”

Mr.C.H.W. Brockenhurst

I was a patient of Susie’s for many years and can speak with confidence about her true professionalism and excellent clinical practice.
Susie is a highly skilled practitioner offering a gentle caring approach to her treatments.
She offers true comfort and support and can identify with her patients concerns and fears.
When you visit Susie for the first time you are a patient but you leave as a friend.

Mrs B. South Yorkshire

Not only is Susie a highly qualified, experienced and professional acupuncturist she is probably one of the most caring and compassionate therapists you will find. 

H.S. Hebden Bridge, West Yorks

I would highly recommend Susie Parkinson, as she has the ability to really put you at ease. I saw Susie for sinus and back problems, I felt less tension in my body and more energised and my pain eased. Susie gives the highest standard of care and works with great integrity.

Patricia Grain, Barnsley



I recently had sciatica and tried every possible thing to relieve the pain without any success until I came across acupuncture and this is where I met Susie. I could not believe the success rate it gave me. Even afterwards I continued having acupuncture which kept me in great health.

I would recommend it to anyone and my only regret is Susie left my part of the country. If in doubt give it a try you will not regret it.

Audrey,  Royston, Barnsley age 83

Susie carried out a very comprehensive consultation regarding my symptoms, and also my lifestyle and the effects of my family situation.  Susie's wide ranging knowledge of healthcare, both complementary and mainstream, enabled her to support me through a period of time which was difficult physically and emotionally.   She demonstrated real concern and empathy and I would highly recommend her.

P.B. Upper Cumberworth, West Yorks

It took me far too long to contact Susie. My quality of life would have been so much better if I had telephoned her as soon as I had been given her details by a friend.
I am absolutely terrified of needles!  Seriously a phobia. I can't look at them. My first meeting with Susie was very detailed before she came anywhere near me with a needle!  I've never had such a detailed medical profile. She was amazing. A seriously caring, intelligent and funny person. I felt so at ease.  When you have acupuncture you need to feel totally confident with the Practitioner. 
At first I had gone to see her about being peri menopausal. In the end she was treating me for so much more. Every appointment could be different. I had other treatments besides acupuncture - moxa, kinesiology taping, gua sha and electro-acupuncture.

I would have regular appointments about a month apart. If I felt I needed more I would have them. Not once did Susie ever push me to make another appointment. It was left to me. Never ever any pressure. She was fantastic advising me as to what supplements to take depending upon how I was feeling at the time.
I can't believe how much time she gave me. Not once did I feel rushed.
I miss her terribly. She just understood me and supported me. I can honestly say I doubt I will ever find anyone like her again.

Sharon, Huddersfield


Susie Parkinson has treated me with acupuncture and Chinese medicine for several years on a number of ailments from depression to back ache. Where ‘modern’ medicine failed, and sometimes caused other problems, Susie’s treatments worked wonders and made me feel better both in body and mind.

Susie is also a great listener and one of the wisest persons I know. She has helped me immensely (and still does!) but, very selfishly, I wish she hadn’t moved away. My loss, your gain! 

I would have no hesitation in recommending Susie and her treatments. She is a walking wonder.

Yours sincerely,

Les Young



If you are considering acupuncture I would highly recommend Susie.                    

When I was at my worst with my illness she not only helped relieve my symptoms, but genuinely cared about me as a person. She was a great support and suggested strategies my GP had never heard of. I made good progress from a debilitating illness and was very thankful for Susies dedication and thoughtfulness.

A.S. Oxenhope, South Yorks

I have been a patient of Susie for over 5 years during which I have been greatly helped by her treatments for several health issues. Susie’s ability to diagnose, treat and thorough follow up symptoms are outstanding. Her expertise and knowledge of Chinese Medicine as well as many other holistic therapies and nutrition have been equally helpful.

During the time I attended sessions I was able to recommend Susie to 7 friends who all equally benefitted from her treatments.

Susie is a true ecologist at heart, extremely conscientious about all substances that are harmful to the earth, animals and human beings. Susie has a deep love  for all animals and the whole natural world.

I warmly recommend Susie and trust that there are many who will benefit from her warmth of heart, healing, care and professional expertise.

L. Taylor – W. Yorks.

Susie was recommended to me by a colleague as a possible reliever of severe back pain and  associated depression. I was sceptical having tried for many years other types of back pain interventions. I attended the Acupuncture sessions and was reassured to find Susie approachable and thorough. She took a full medical history and through this discussion recommended a course of treatment.  I must confess I have no idea how this all works but her approach was the only treatment that has given me any pain relief and stabilised my condition.


A year  or so later I   began to feel generally unwell and my legs started to swell. After 3 visits to my doctor my GP told me to wear support stockings and appeared unconcerned that I was deteriorating. In desperation I contacted Susie again and asked her to check me over. She was kind and supportive and reassured me that she would investigate my symptoms and get back to me ASAP. The following morning (SUNDAY!) She rang me to insist that I go back to my doctor and demand  further tests. This interaction saved my life. I followed her advice, saw another doctor and spent the next two months seriously ill in hospital with kidney failure. I will be always grateful for her care and advise and I am sorry that she is no longer living near enough for me to attend her practice.

J.H. Wakefield

I am Mary from South Yorkshire and I knew Susie for six years while she treated me with acupuncture, I went to Susie in 2004 five years after I had breast cancer, I was in a right state with the side effects of the chemotherapy, especially my very painful feet which turned out to be Peripheral Neuropathy and Menopause symptoms, the experts could not do much for me, so I thought I would treat myself and I got in touch with the acupuncture council in London and they put me in touch with Susie.

I always think of Susie as my life saver, Susie understood what the effects the chemotherapy could do to the body, Susie treated all my symptoms and I had quite a few, I would recommend Susie to anybody, she is the most understanding person you can come across, she has always a smile on her face and she is such a pleasant person, she talks to you and listens to you and it has been a pleasure knowing Susie, it was sad to see her move but Susie made sure that I had another good acupuncturist to go to, yes I am still having it, I go for monthly top ups but when I started with Susie it was more intense and I went more often, I believe in acupuncture and it does not hurt, so if you are in Susie’s area give her a try.

Susie has treated me for a range of conditions from grief to fertility to pulled muscles. On every occasion that I saw her I left feeling much better: either calmer and happier in myself straightaway or gradually over the next few days I'd just feel different. Susie is the most genuinely caring practitioner I have met. She always has a smile and we usually had a laugh as well. Susie has an uncanny knack of sensing what is going with you and she will not shy away from telling you what you need to hear to help yourself improve. I really really miss her -  our loss is Downton's gain!

E.M. Huddersfield

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